About Me

I’m a PHP Developer at GoDaddy.com.  I wrote the P3 Plugin.  I contribute to the WordPress Core.

All opinions expressed here are my own personal opinions.  They do not express the opinions of my employer in any way.

2 thoughts on “About Me

    • Please see the FAQ on the P3 Page:

      Help! I used P3 and now my site is down!
      First, get your site back up! There are two ways to do this. Try the emergency shutoff switch first. If that doesn’t work, delete the plugin files.

      Emergency Shutoff Switch

      1. Visit yoursite.com/wordpress/index.php?P3_SHUTOFF=1

      Delete the Plugin Files

      1. Delete wp-content/plugins/p3-profiler (the whole folder)
      2. Delete wp-content/mu-plugins/p3-profiler.php (if it exists)

      This can happen if P3 hits the memory limit on your server while it’s running. This happens most often on sites with many active plugins or a complex theme. Consider switching to the Twenty Eleven theme or deactivating a few plugins before re-running P3.

      In the future, please use the P3 support page on wordpress.org.

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